The COVID-19 virus is still a serious health threat.  While the vaccine may offer some help in reducing the threat, vaccine availability and new variants will probably require continued protection vigilance.

The Tour du Rouge is proceeding with the 2023 tour.  We ask all Tour riders and staff to follow these guidelines before and during the Tour to reduce COVID-19 spread.

  • Riders should try to quarantine two weeks before the tour.  Especially if they have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • If riders feel ill, they should not travel to the tour.  If possible, riders should take a COVID test within 3 days before coming on the tour.  As portable "at home" COVID test kits become more available everyone can take a COVID test more often.
  • We will be following CDC guidelines as the vaccine roll out continues.  The guidelines may change and/or be different in Texas and Louisiana and cities along the route.  The Tour will follow the then current local protocols.
  • We will be judged by local people as we travel from town to town.  Some areas are more strict on how they follow COVID-19 restrictions.  We will try to follow the most strict recommendations for each area.
  • Maintain social distance as much as possible.
  • During the tour riders should take their temperature every morning to gauge any changes in their health.
  • Whenever riders are not riding bikes - they must wear a mask.  Everyone should bring a few extra masks from home or washable ones.
    • Wear a mask when entering hotel corridors and lobbies.
    • Wear a mask when loading gear bags.
    • Wear a mask when arriving at rest stops but not when eating.
    • Wear a mask at bike wash and repair in the afternoon.
  • Wash hands at wash stations or use hand sanitizer when arriving at a rest stop.
  • Rest stop equipment (pumps, drink jugs, snack containers) will be disinfected frequently during the day.
  • Cyclists are encouraged to spread out when riding during the day from fastest to slowest so there is less overlap at the rest stops.  This should help keep the cluster of riders smaller at rest stops, lunch and arriving at the next hotel.

These guidelines will help everyone stay healthy during our tour so we can ride our bikes as we have done for so many years.

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